Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting an Education?

Is getting an education really necessary? After all, twelve years in school for a diploma is a long time! Then, if you want to have more opportunities, you have to go another four years to college. Some people go for school years beyond college. Education is expensive, time consuming and difficult.

Contrary to what one might think, education is meaningless unless it is put into practice. One can work algebra equations, but if one does not apply that ability to real life, it does one no good. One can get a degree in history, but one works at McDonald’s the degree doesn’t do much good.
Education only matters if you put into practice what you learn. Simply getting knowledge does nothing unless it is applied. Education is not complete until one’s knowledge is applied to real life.
Education is not as much about expertise in a certain area as it is in teaching you how to think, how to solve problems and how to make solid conclusions. It is tempting to think that the purpose of education is to pass a test or get a diploma, but the purpose of education is to teach you how to apply the principles to real life.

Being successful begins with education. Next, one’s education needs to be applied. As you apply what you know to real life you gain skill. The more skill you develop the more competent you become in your area.

The Christian life is the same way. A person can know a lot about the Bible, theology, etc. but if he/she doesn’t apply their knowledge to real life, it is meaningless. A person may understand the concepts of election and predestination but if he goes home and abuses his wife, he is not growing in his faith!

Growing as a Christian is not as much about knowing as it is about doing. To know about how God wants us to live is foundational; putting it into practice is where one begins to grow.
Sermons, Sunday School lessons, Growth Group discussions, Specialty Groups (e.g., Beth Moore Bible Studies, et al) all help increase one’s knowledge, but they do no good if that knowledge is not applied to daily life.

For us to make a real impact, we must live out what we know. We must not just talk about it, but do it. It is not about how much you know, but what you do with what you know that truly matters. Are you putting what you know into practice?

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