Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Philosophy of Ministry

I believe that my primary role as a pastor is to “equip the saints for works of service” (Eph. 4:11-16). I seek to accomplish that goal through three main areas: preaching, pastoring and administration.

In my preaching, I strive to preach simple, relative, practical, expository messages that connect and challenge the congregation. I believe in preaching the whole counsel of God; therefore, I often preach through books of the Bible in addition to topical series. However, I do not believe expository preaching has to be dull or boring, but rather it can be the most exciting way to teach God’s Word. Therefore, I seek the Lord’s guidance in determining how to connect with the congregation (e.g., props, stories, drama, video) to convey the truth of God’s Word. Moreover, I believe people should have an opportunity to respond to God’s Word; therefore, I offer opportunities to respond to God’s call at the end of sermons.

In my pastoring, I endeavor to be kind and understanding with all people. In my visits to ailing church members, I often share a comforting passage of Scripture and have prayer. I attempt to meet people where they are in their spiritual journey and encourage them to progress to be more Christ-like.

In my administration, I encourage my staff to minister to the needs of the people, to clearly communicate the Word, and to be stewards of time. I expect staff members to be team players, self-motivated and creative.

I believe that the church must engage the culture while being different than the culture. The culture can be engaged through targeted outreach programs (e.g. recovery ministries, neighborhood small groups, practice preaching, etc.), yet the church must call those who respond to live according to God’s standard. I believe that the church must act and function as an organism not an organization; therefore, it must be flexible in addressing the needs of the community.

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